The Semrush  SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) empowers writers to assess the SEO potential, originality, and readability of their content in real-time. It’s a versatile tool that not only checks plagiarism but also utilizes AI for composing and rewriting text effortlessly.

SEO Writing Assistant Key Features:

Plagiarism Checker:

  • Ensure the originality of your content with the plagiarism checker feature.

AI Composing and Rewriting:

  • Save time by using AI for composing and rewriting text with features like Rephraser, Compose with AI, and Ask AI.

Integration with Platforms:

  • Connect SWA to Google Docs, WordPress, or MS Word for real-time SEO recommendations and compliance monitoring.

Benefits of Using SEO Writing Assistant:

  1. Maintain Brand Voice:
    • Ensure your brand’s tone of voice remains consistent across all published content.
  2. Optimize Copy:
    • Get real-time SEO recommendations to optimize your content effectively.
  3. Pre-Publication Improvement:
    • Enhance your articles before publication, addressing SEO and readability concerns.
  4. Enhance Readability:
    • Assess and improve your article’s readability, making it more user-friendly.
  5. Quick SEO Quality Assessment:
    • Receive instant feedback on your article’s SEO quality.

How to Get Started SEO Writing Assistant:

Google Docs Add-On:SEO Writing Assistant

  • Find SEO Writing Assistant in the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  • Install the add-on, and it will appear as a sidebar in your Google Docs.

WordPress Plugin:SEO Writing Assistant


  • Log in to your WordPress admin account.
  • Search for Semrush SEO Writing Assistant in the Plugins section, or install via this link.
  • Activate SEO Writing Assistant and connect it to your Semrush account.

MS Word Add-On:SEO Writing Assistant


  • Create a new Word doc, head to ‘Insert,’ and click on ‘My Add-ins.’
  • Find Semrush SEO Writing Assistant and add it.
  • Access the tool using the “Show SWA” icon in your ‘Home’ views.

Utilizing SEO Writing Assistant:

Creating New Recommendations:

  • Enter target keywords, location, and device to get recommendations.

Changing Recommendations:

SEO Writing Assistant

  • Adjust target keywords, location, or device by clicking on the pencil icon.

Rephraser Feature:


  • Save time on rewriting small parts of your copy using the Rephraser feature.
  • Select text and choose to rephrase, simplify, expand, or summarize.

Compose with AI:

  • Generate more content on a topic or ask for specific content with the Compose feature.


Ask AI:

  • Ask AI any question and receive an answer to use in your content.

Overall Score:

  • View real-time overall score based on Readability, SEO, Originality, and Tone of Voice.

Readability, SEO, Tone of Voice Metrics:

  • Dive into detailed metrics for each aspect to fine-tune your content.

Originality Checker:

  • Check for signs of plagiarism and rewrite unoriginal text seamlessly.

Collaborate and Manage Documents:

  • Share and distribute workload with the document-sharing feature.
  • Manage documents efficiently by archiving or unarchiving them.


  • Free and Pro users can generate 2 documents per account.
  • Guru and Business users have unlimited documents per month.

Plagiarism Checker Limits:

  • 3 checks for Pro, 5 for Guru, and 10 for Business subscriptions.
  • Additional checks can be purchased from the Subscription Info page.

Smart Writer Words Limits:

The limits for the Rephraser and Split features follow the same concept but use a separate kind of limit called Smart Writer Words. The limits for this feature are as follows:

  • Pro — 500 words per account
  • Guru — 1000 words per month
  • Business — 2000 words per month

Please note: to Rephrase, Simplify, or Summarize, the tool uses 1 Smart Writer Words limit for 1 word. The Expand feature spends 2 Smart Writer Words limits for 1 word.

The Split option consumes the same kind of limits. Each split applied to a text uses 10 Smart Writer Words limits.

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