In the dynamic world of website builders, Weebly stands out as an excellent choice, especially for those seeking simplicity and robust eCommerce capabilities. Recently acquired by Square, the platform has transformed into an all-in-one solution, seamlessly blending website creation, marketing tools, and eCommerce features. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how Weebly excels in making the complex seem simple and offers a robust platform for establishing your online presence.

Why Weebly?

Weebly is renowned for its user-friendly interface, combining a drag-and-drop editor with powerful business tools. Whether you’re a beginner looking to launch a website quickly or an entrepreneur aiming to sell online effortlessly, Weebly caters to diverse needs. Its recent integration with Square has further enhanced its eCommerce capabilities, making it an appealing choice for small businesses and individuals alike.

Website typeBenefitsLimitations
Online storeQuick to set up, all core features easy to manageCheapest eCommerce-capable plan has an additional transaction fee, limited site design options
Business siteTools for email marketing, pop-ups, solid plugin libraryThe best tools require you to pay extra
Portfolio siteEditor allows to easily add your work to the sitePortfolio themes are few and far between. Design could be better, too.
BlogSimple to set everything upThe editor is rather awkward for blogging, limited features of formatting and SEO

Key Features and Benefits

Let’s delve into the features that make Weebly a standout platform:

  1. Ease of Use: Weebly’s setup process is straightforward, requiring just a few clicks to have your website up and running. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor simplifies the building process, making it easy for beginners to navigate.
  2. Templates: While Weebly may not have the largest template collection, it focuses on quality over quantity. With around 60 simple yet modern templates, users can find a design that suits their style. Additionally, the platform allows users to upload third-party themes, providing flexibility for customization.
  3. eCommerce Capabilities: Weebly is tailored for online shops, making it an ideal choice for eCommerce enthusiasts. The integration with Square enhances the platform’s capabilities, offering seamless inventory management, automatic tax calculations, and support for various payment methods.
  4. Business Features: Weebly provides a suite of tools for small businesses, including email marketing, pop-ups, and a robust app center with over 350 applications. While some advanced features may require additional payments, the platform offers a solid foundation for business site needs.
  5. Portfolio and Blogging: For portfolios, Weebly offers a simple setup, allowing users to showcase their work with ease. The blogging interface is user-friendly, though it may lack some advanced features. Overall, Weebly caters well to various types of websites.

Pricing and Plans

Weebly offers a range of plans, including a free option. The premium plans, starting from $6.00 to $38.00 per month (billed annually), unlock additional features such as a custom domain, unlimited storage, and advanced eCommerce functionality. While the pricing appears competitive, users should be mindful of potential increases and transaction fees.

FreeSSL security, Weebly branding (domain and ads), 500MB storage, SEO tools$0.00
ConnectSSL security, free custom domain, 500MB storage, SEO tools$6.00/month
ProUnlimited storage, remove Weebly ads, eCommerce functionality, advanced site stats$12.00/month
BusinessUnlimited storage, remove Weebly ads, eCommerce functionality, inventory management, automatic tax calculation, advanced eCommerce statistics$25/month
Business PlusUnlimited storage, remove Weebly ads, eCommerce functionality, advanced eCommerce statistics, abandoned cart emails, real-time shipping$38/month


Weebly for Different Website Types:

  • Online Store: Ideal for quick eCommerce setup, but users should consider plans without additional transaction fees.
  • Business Site: Offers tools for marketing and plugins but may require additional spending for premium features.
  • Portfolio Site: Simple setup for showcasing work, but limited template options.
  • Blog: User-friendly interface for basic blogging needs, with some limitations on formatting and SEO features.

Weebly SEO and Blogging

weebly review-seo

Weebly provides dedicated SEO options for each page, allowing users to optimize content for search engines. However, the blogging interface is basic, lacking some advanced editing features. Users may need to explore third-party plugins for enhanced blogging capabilities.

Customer Support


Weebly’s customer support is robust, offering a knowledge base, live chat, email support, and phone assistance for Pro plans and above. While live support operates during business hours, the knowledge base provides helpful resources for users seeking assistance.

Website Performance

Weebly demonstrates commendable website performance, with page load times within recommended thresholds. While not the fastest, the platform ensures a satisfactory experience for visitors.

Weebly Alternatives

For users considering alternatives, Wix emerges as a versatile option with a vast app market and over 700 templates. A detailed comparison between Weebly and Wix can help users determine the best fit for their needs.


Weebly stands as a compelling choice for individuals and small businesses seeking a user-friendly website builder with robust eCommerce capabilities. With its recent integration with Square, Weebly offers a seamless all-in-one solution, combining simplicity with powerful business tools. Whether you’re establishing an online store, a business site, a portfolio, or a blog, Weebly’s features cater to a variety of website types. As with any blog platform, users should carefully consider their specific needs and budget before making a choice. Explore Weebly’s potential and embark on your journey to a hassle-free online presence.

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